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  • Sold in increments of 4 ($5.25 per peice)

  • MSRP -  $10-$12

  • This stylish amber candle jar is made with our signature soy/beeswax blend of wax.

  • All cotton wick and phthalate free fragrance. 

  • 6 ounce gold tin.

  • Burns 25+ hours with proper care. 

  • Approx. lead time 2 weeks + shipping. 

  • Coupons & free shipping promos are not applicable on wholesale orders.



Wholesale Candle Tins (qty 4)

  • Beach Walk - Whether Asbury Park is your getaway town, or you crave the quaint, peaceful vibes of Cape May, Beach Walk will bring the Jersey Shore into your home all year long. Light & airy, this scent blends a crisp salt-water breeze with warm notes of tangerine & orange blossom. Sunny & clean!


    Campfire - Woody & toasty, this one envelopes you in a soft sweater of spice. Amber leaps out of the crisp night air as clove & sandalwood bring up the rear, with a hint of smoky roasted marshmallow to top it all off!


    Caribbean Teak - Regal, bold, & complex, Caribbean Teakwood ushers you into the warmth of a well-appointed spice shop. Often characterized as masculine, the mellow notes of teak & tobacco meet with a deep, woody base of sandalwood & musk. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including Cedar wood, Patchouli, & Black Pepper, for a truly sensual experience.


    Chai Tea Latte - Some coffee joints slosh boxed syrup into hot milk & call it Chai. But once you've had a handcrafted Chai latte, you'll never go back to the mix. Bright notes of black tea swirl with fresh-cracked Cardamom pods as the hot water begins its magic. Spicy clove meets a twist of orange peel as the tea brews, & a honey-sweetened cinnamon cream smooths it all out for a truly luscious experience.


    Christmas Hearth - Ready to open some presents? This aroma is 100% Christmas Eve. Dried orange slices on fragrant pine wreaths, whole cinnamon sticks stirred into mulled wine, with fain, toasty fireplace finish. Perfect for you, or wrapped up as a gift for anyone you love.


    Cinnamon Vanilla - This is the holidays in full swing! Egg-noggy, Snickerdoodly, creamy & frothy. If you have this candle lit when friends come over, everyone will think you've been baking all day! You may want to have some actual cookies on hand to satisfy the cravings.


    Coffee Bean - Whether you take yours light & sweet, or strong & black, Coffee Bean takes you right to the roaster! The aroma of fresh-ground espresso perks you up, with just a hint of sweetness to keep things cozy.


    Crisp Apple - Biting into the first crunchy Macintosh of the fall is always a thrill. Crisp & juicy, this fresh-sliced scent is all of your apple picking memories, complete with a topnote of sun-warmed grass. The epitome of fall!


    Dark Harbor - At once brooding & bright, Dark Harbor is an excursion to a portside marketplace. Airy ozone balances with undercurrents of amber & spicy clove; this one is a rare & mysterious dichotomy


    Frasier Fir - Frasier Fir is the very embodiment of a Christmas tree. Woody & earthy, but also bright & citrusy, followed by a whiff of that bright cold-air smell lingering on your coat when you step inside. 


    Fresh Cotton - Crisp white shirts drying on a clothesline


    Harvest Moon - This bold fragrance is full of autumnal blessings. A blend of patchouli, cinnamon & cedar make this a moonlit delight! Mysterious & dusky, you'll love this spicy scent all year round.


    Home Sweet Home - Citrus & Spice, works as a smoke & odor eliminator


    Jersey Tomato - This isn't just any tomato! Our Jersey Tomato scent has been formulated to capture the fresh, herbaciousness sweetness of the tomatoes Melissa's father grew when she was growing up. It’s complex & green with the ripe juiciness of a real Garden State tomato plucked right off the vine!


    Lavender - Experience ultimate relaxation. In addition to inspiring a feeling of refreshed calm, the scent of lavender has been shown to slow your heart rate for the perfect meditative moment. Our fragrance blend is also infused with Bergamot, a mood lifter, & a hint of cedar to bring you to your mellow place


    Nag Champa - Our Nag Champa takes the classic incense aroma to a new level. Rich with woody patchouli, but not cloying, we round this one out with amber & vanilla for an almost powdery finish. For those who love that record store haze, but want to skip the smoke.


    Oud Wood - Dark & sultry, deep & earthy, passionate nights & late mornings. Incense takes the breeze as black pepper gives way for soothing lavender & bright berries for an indulgent energy. It's time to order room service.


    Pine Barrens - Breathe deep & you're walking right through the Pinelands National Reserve as our spruce & pine scents mingle with fresh mint & earthy Cypress. Not just for winter! This crisp scent works all year long. Makes a great gift for the Jersey expat in your life.


    Pomegranate Cider - This seems like a simple cider scent, mouth-wateringly juicy & tangy, as you'd hope. Then bright pomegranate & a twist of citrus & join the recipe, followed by a dash of rhubarb! The top, middle, & base notes roll out in waves for a deceptively complex scent that will brighten & warm your whole room.


    Pumpkin Soufflé- You'll be craving this one on the first crisp day of fall! Snappy cinnamon & ginger usher in a warm fluffy pumpkin sweetness, with a dollop of whipped cream on top. Of course this is one of our best sellers!


    Red Currant - Zesty berries & zingy citrus will give you the energy boost you need when days start getting shorter! This vibrant scent is mellowed with a hint of soft jasmine & geranium to tame the red-berry tartness. You'll love this complex blend as a pick-me-up, from the darkest winter days right into the first blooms of spring.


    Rose Sandalwood - Romantic & uninhibited, this is a summer walk in a secluded rose garden with gentle waft of a sandalwood fan. Our Rose Sandalwood captures the verdant essence of a blooming rose while allowing the milky softness of sandalwood to shine through in a fresh, sophisticated way. Devotees of either scent will adore this one.


    Sage + Lavender - white sage leaves & French lavender


    Sea Salt - A salty ocean breeze with hints of jasmine & Tonka bean


    Spiked Cider - Boozy & juicy with a hint of gingerbread, this one is a holiday office party without the hangover. Warm & apple-y with a heavy pour of brandy, the aroma will wrap its arms around you; it's a cheery Thanksgiving hug from your favorite drunk great-aunt Martha.


    Sweet grass - green grass with herbaceous undertones & hint of violet


    Tobacco Leaf - Before it's burned, the tobacco leaf has a sweet, heady scent. This is a fragrance you could curl up in, featuring a spicy creaminess with notes of cherry.

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