The Lucky Honeybee Needs Your Help!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

We've decided to throw our hats in the ring and enter The Start Something Challenge, a grant program for entrepeneurs that live in New Jersey. The first leg of the competion is a YouTube challenge where we have to create a fabulous video. We'll be competing in the Arts & Crafts catelgory and in order to move to the next stage, we need to have the highest amount of views in our category. This is where YOU come in! You can watch our video at the end of this post and if your feeling really helpful, copy and share this link:  


So what are we competing for anyway?


Well, the top prize is 10K, yes 10K! Oh, what we could do with that! This seed money would help us move our production into a bigger prcessing facilty and out of our home studio. We could then expand product line and garuntee availabilty of your favorites. The win would also allow us to start working with other local talent on collaborative products!


So please, give us a gander, and maybe a share!


The viewership periods ends 7/6/15 which means you can rewatch it a few times :)


Thank you for your support. 




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