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Amber and Oud Candle

Amber and Oud Candle

This  warm and inviting fragrance fills the air, instantly transporting you to a place of tranquility and opulence. The dominant note in this scented candle is the exotic and highly sought-after agarwood, also known as oud. Its rich and complex aroma is earthy, woody, and slightly sweet, with a hint of smokiness. Agarwood is prized for its rarity and is often referred to as "liquid gold" in the world of perfumery. This candle is perfect for moments of relaxation, contemplation, or to create an ambiance of sophistication and allure. Its captivating aroma will transport you to a realm of luxurious indulgence, where every breath is filled with the essence of exotic woods, sensual musk, grounding cedarwood, and the warm embrace of amber.




Size options:

6 oz. tin 20+ hour burn time 

11 oz. Clear Glass Jar Black Lid 60+ burn time 



About our candles:

Crafted with our signature soy & beeswax blend.
Scented with premium fragrance & essential oils that are phthalate-free. 

Pure cotton core wicks. 

Hand Poured in small batches in Jersey City, New Jersey



Candle Care:

On the first burn, allow enough time for the melt pool to reach the edges of the candle. This helps prevent tunneling and promotes an even burn. Before relighting your candle, trim the wick to about 1/4". Never burn for more than 3-4 hours. 



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