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The Refill Bar 

Looking to make your household a little greener?

Stop buying so many single-use plastic bottles and try the refill bar at The Lucky Honeybee Gift Shop.

We offer a variety of eco-friendly formulas that range from all-natural, to biodegradable, to organic. These are sourced from a variety of brands in order to bring you what we believe is the best quality for each soap & cleanser. We strive to find the perfect balance between what is good for the planet, what is good for our bodies, and a product that actually works! All items are sold by the ounce. Just bring your clean container to our store in Jersey City and our staff will help assist you in weighing and filling. We also have containers available for purchase.

Current Refill Options:

Hand & Body Soap - we will add a scent .45 per ounce ​

Body Wash - spearmint .45 per ounce  
Dish Soap - we will add a scent .45 per ounce  

All-Purpose Cleaner -  Tea Tree or Bergamot - .45 per ounce​

Facial Cleanser - unscented  .70 per ounce​

Laundry Detergent - Unscented, Lavender, Bergamot .50 per ounce

Shampoo - Grapefruit Mint .80 per ounce 

Conditioner - Grapefruit Mint .80 per ounce 

Lotion - Grapefruit Mint $1 per ounce 

Coming soon - bulk toothpaste tablets!


Looking for a specific bulk product or brand? Let us know! We are open to suggestions. 

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