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Our Mission


Lucky Honeybee creates thoughtfully designed, eco-friendly candles, soaps and apothecary goods. We've got an eye for the environment on every aspect of our production: from domestically produced wax, to ethically sourced oils, to choosing recycled content for our packaging. We pay attention to the details so you don’t have to. Life is hard; we make stuff that makes you feel good.

Introducing Lucky Honeybee Goods + Gifts! 

Our 1st retail space opened 8/22/20. The shop features the Lucky Honeybee line of products and a curated selection of apothecary goods, eco-friendly items, greeting cards, home decor, and gift items. There's something for everyone at LHB! 

Lucky Honeybee Goods + Gifts is located in the Heights neighborhood of Jersey City, NJ.

487 Palisade Avenue lower level

Jersey City, NJ 07307 


Our Founder 


Melissa Glick loved scented candles and lotions, but she didn’t love the fragrance headaches that came with so many mass-produced brands. What was in them that brought on that reaction? Being an environmentally conscious person and a curious DIYer, she began researching and testing various ingredients for fun. So when she was considering favors for her wedding, she thought, “What can I give my guests that they’ll actually use?” Creating her own candles for her friends and family seemed like a no-brainer. She tested batch after batch, and perfected an eco-friendly soy candle that smelled like a dream! Melissa’s guests loved them so much, they came back clamoring for more, and Lucky Honeybee was born. 


Nearly 10 years after those first experiments, Lucky Honeybee has branched out from artisan candles, to natural handmade soap and apothecary goods. We blend positive vibes and good intention into every hand-crafted item in our Jersey City studio, keeping batches small and ingredients fresh. As Lucky Honeybee expands its offerings, we are dedicated to keeping products, ingredients, and packaging as earth-friendly as possible.


What does “Lucky Honeybee” mean?


In Greek mythology, a mountain nymph named Melissa saved Zeus from being eaten by his father Cronos. She cared for Zeus and fed him honey, but when Cronos later found out, he turned the beautiful Melissa into a worm. Heartbroken, Zeus couldn’t turn her back, but transformed her into a beautiful bee as a consolation. Because of Melissa, the honey bee came to be regarded as an esteemed messenger of the gods. 


Glick, Melissa’s married name, is a derivative of luck in German/Yiddish. Lucky Honeybee pays homage to their names and heritage, with a touch of sweetness.​

Interested in our wholesale candles or apothecary goods? Contact us directly for wholesale terms and current offerings - info (@)


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